Finding The Best Tile and Wood Floor Vacuum

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It is not very difficult to find a vacuum cleaner for carpeted flooring. There are a vast line of popular brands and models that are specifically designed for carpets and rugs. What about tile and wood flooring?

Sure, you could use a vacuum that has a bare floor or low level feature. Or, you could find the best hard floor vacuum on the market and put it to good use. Everything is made for something specific and a vacuum cleaner is no different. Some are specifically made for stains, shampooing, pet dander, tile or wood flooring and carpets.

One of the most important things to keep in mind is purchasing a vacuum that will meet your flooring needs. If you have tile or wood floors then you need to get one that was made just for that type of flooring. Buying a product that was designed for your exact floor type will make cleaning a lot easier and virtually hassle free. You won’t have to change the settings like you would on a traditional vacuum, as these types are made especially for hard floor surfaces.

Make sure to also keep in mind whether your wood flooring is finished or unfinished wood. As unfinished wood flooring is more sensitive and can be easily damaged when using a traditional vacuum. You don’t want to ruin your floors, you want to clean them! Another thing to keep in mind is how often you will be using your cleaner. If you frequently have to clean your floors; you should consider investing in a smart vacuum. I don’t mean educated; I mean smart as in a robotic vacuum cleaner.

There are many different automatic vacuums that were designed to do a quick once over on your hardwood and tile flooring. They virtually do all of the work for you and keep your floors looking like new. Most of these were made with hard flooring in mind.

Another great tip is to have a good handheld vacuum ready so you can pick up small messes as they occur. This will save you a lot of time when it’s time for your routine cleaning.

Vacuuming frequently will keep dust and debris from collecting on your floors. This helps keep that sticky film off the surface.

When buying your next cleaner try to keep the warranty in mind also. Make sure that your product is backed by a warranty so that you can try it out on your floor to make sure it works well. If not you will be able to cash in on your warranty and try another type.

Some hardwood and tile vacuum cleaners also have been designed to mop your floor. They usually use steam and water to vacuum, clean and sanitize your entire floor. These types of cleaners work great on tile and wood, as long as it is not unfinished wood.

Too much water on unfinished wood will result in damaged floor boards and can cause warping. Whichever vacuum you decide to buy make sure you keep all of these features in mind. Find what works best for you and keep your floors looking brand new!

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