Portable Vacuum Cleaner For Car And Home

Dyson Handheld Vacuum

A portable vacuum cleaner is a essentially a smaller version of the traditional unit. Due to its compact structure, it is not hard at all to hold with one hand to clean your home or your car. They have a number of advantages due to their small size and handy nature.

Advantages of Choosing a Portable Device

Small and easy to carry

A portable vacuum is much smaller than traditional units. Hence, they are easy to carry around the home or the car and can be stored away easily too. You can effectively and discreetly store them in spots such as a cabinet, a drawer, a shelf, the garage or the trunk of your car.


Majority of these appliances weigh below 5 pounds and reduce the risk of falling in case you are carrying one up the stairs. This is because they are made of lightweight materials such as plastic or aluminum Thanks to this, they can be used for some quick vacuuming of spills in the home or mudspots in the car.

Easy to use

A portable cleaner is designed such that its controls are literally at your fingertips. It is not complex and has a short learning curve, thus the unit can be used quite easily. As a matter of fact, they are so simple to use that kids can control them and help out in cleaning around the home.

Always ready to use since they utilize battery power

Portable machines do not require you to plug them into a socket so as to power them. They derives its power from a battery. Thus, all that you have to do is keep the device charged up and it will always be ready to use.

Can clean many more surfaces than a traditional vacuum

You can use them in your home or in your car. It is versatile and can clean areas such as:

  • Corners
  • Underneath furniture
  • The stairs
  • The upholstery in your home or your car

When you use this device, you do not need any extra accessories to clean these areas.

Easy to empty dirt

Majority of these lightweight vacuums have dirt cups which are easy to remove and empty. By pushing a dedicated button, you can remove the dirt cup and empty it. Also, it can pick up all the dirt and do not stir up dust into the air when you use them.

They are quite powerful

Modern models have powerful motors. Generally, modern vacuums run motors which have power ratings of up to 4 amps (amperes). These ones have enough suction power to clean up spills, dirt and pet hairs with one motion without requiring you to pass over the area multiple times.

You can use them to retrieve lost small items

One of the ingenious uses of such a device is the ability to utilize it for the purpose of retrieving small items such as toys, jewelry or screws which have fallen under the couches or behind the doors. One simply needs to stretch some pantyhose over the nozzle. After that, the unit can be used to suck the lost item and catch it with the pantyhose for easy retrieval.


A portable vacuum has quite a number of advantages over the traditional vacuum cleaner. These are explained above. If you are searching for a unit that can clean your home and your car effectively, then you are looking at the right product for the job.

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