Keeping Tile Shower Floor Clean

I love cleaning my house except for our bathrooms. No matter how I clean it, the room seems always dingy. I often wondered if the bathrooms that I see in home magazines are real. In desperation, I turned to self-help books and taught myself how to transform my bathroom from dingy to magazine-worthy.

Why Do Shower Tiles Always Look Dirty?

Showers take a lot of beating in most homes. It’s used thousands of times a year, and yet rarely sees the sun. It’s always wet, thus becomes the perfect breeding ground for molds and mildews. These fungi are the cause of the discoloration and that strange musty smell whenever you open the bathroom doors. At the same time, the minerals in the water are etched in the tiles. They stick to the floor and become difficult to remove.

Quick Ways to Keep the Shower Tiles Clean

Cleaning bathrooms involve a lot of elbow grease. You have to mop the floor with water and cleaning agent, then dry the floor. The good news is that there are ways you can cut down on cleaning time, such as:

  1. The shower head and the faucet usually become discolored quickly because of scum deposits. To keep it clean and shiny, cover them with a bag filled with vinegar and leave overnight. Remove the bag in the morning. No scrubbing necessary.
  2. Clean the showers before taking your shower. Keep your tools nearby. Before stepping under the spray, scrub the place using a solution of vinegar and detergent (equal parts).
  3. After #2, and before showering, wipe down shower doors to remove soap scum with soft cloth or non-bristle pads.
  4. You can prevent mildew from building up in your shower curtains by soaking it with water and salt for a few hours.
  5. The water dripping down the shower curtain sometimes pool at the bottom, allowing mold to grow. To prevent this, cut the bottom so that it becomes uneven. Water will flow down quickly.
  6. The best way to keep the shower floors shiny and clean is to make sure that its completely dry. After showering, use old towels or rag and wipe the floors completely dry.

How to Remove Mineral and Scum Deposits

If you follow the tips above, your shower tiles will look new for years. But if you only learned about this now, there is still hope for your bathroom. You can remove these hardened deposits by an alkaline cleaner. Use this sparingly, only when there is a buildup. You can buy them at home improvement stores. Follow the instructions on the label. To maintain the shiny floors, use a cleaner that is ph neutral.

Ways to Clean Shower Grout

Clean grouts go a long way in keeping the shower clean and shiny. Apply a sealer to the grout to make it water resistant upon installation. Then, reseal as often as needed. Molds and mildews will have a harder time multiplying if you do this.

It’s easy to maintain your showers if you know what to do. There are two important things to remember – one, always keep the floors dry, and seal the grout properly. Do these two, and your cleaning chore will be a lot easier.

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