Best Way to Deep Clean Laminate Wood Floors

Laminate Wood Flooring

There is no doubt that your wood floor has an immaculate appeal that makes an impressive statement about your class, lifestyle, and taste of fashion. However, your can only retain its flourish by cleaning it properly and regularly. In fact, laminate wood floors are among the easiest floors to clean and maintain once you master a few tips and tricks.

Quite often, you get the urge to deploy the best cleaning resources at your disposal to give your floor a thorough cleaning. Such an urge is noble, but it comes with the real risk of ruining your floor if you make the mistake of picking an inappropriate tool, or using a wrong cleaning method.

Quick Cleaning Tips

  • Vacuum the floor regularly to remove dust and debris.
  • Clear pet urine all the time to prevent the rotting of wood.
  • Vacuum edges and corners to find difficult dirt.
  • Use recommended floor cleaners to remove stubborn dirt.

1. Target the Stains First

Your beautiful laminate floor is bound to pick up stains from the spills, smudges, and the activities of your aggressive pets. If you have children, you must be ready for ink stains, coffee, juice, crayon markings, and paint on different sections of your laminate floor. The first step of deep cleaning the floor should entail removing all the stains.

Stain removal paves way for thorough cleaning because it allows you to focus on the other types of dirt such as dust, debris, cat litter, pet hair, and microscopic particles. You will notice that tough stains and tough dirt tend to defy your vacuuming efforts most of the time, especially if they have stayed on the floor for more than a week.

2. Dusting and Vacuuming

Sometimes, dusting is all you need to maintain the beauty of your laminate floor. The good thing about laminate wood is that they keep dust and debris at the surface level, which makes it very easy for you to remove the dirt with a dry mop. Unfortunately, some people are so clumsy with the dusting process that they simply move the dust from one spot to another.

After you have removed all the dust from your floor. You should now find a powerful vacuum cleaner with immense suction to get all the microscopic dirt, allergens, pet hair, and debris that wherever they may be found on the floor. You should consider a highly advanced vacuum that comes with special tools for crevices and stairs.

3. Pay Immediate Attention to Spills

Do not let any spills lie about on your floor unattended. In fact, it is easier to deal with the spills and stains when they are still fresh than after they have dried. If you are holding a party of some sort, make sure that the cleaning of spills begins soon after the guests have left.

Remember that water and other liquids can have long-term adverse effects on your wood floor. Water and liquids usually destroy the appearance and shape of your wood in ways that can prove irreversible. As such, you should consider cleaning the spills immediately after they occur.


Laminate floors are exceptionally trendy, but also delicate when cleaned using inappropriate methods. In order to achieve a deep clean of your floor, you should consider combing various methods that include stain removal, vacuuming, dusting, and prompt clearing of spills. Avoid using water because it compromises the durability of the wood.

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