Cleaning your floor doesn’t have to be a punishing affair anymore. There are many resources on how to turn every clean up session into a labor of love so that you always want to do it all the time. Discover some of the unique tricks that many creative homeowners are using to maintain the beauty and neatness of their floors.

Many homeowners prefer to carry out thorough cleaning over the weekends. Many of them think of Saturdays as the best days to shake up the whole house with vacuums, brooms, and mops. If your hate the strain and pain that defines such schedules, read on and find out how to maintain clean floors effortlessly.

Habits That Keep Your Floors Clean

  • Remove carpets from dining areas to keep them clean.
  • Clear food spills from the table after every mealtime.
  • Close windows on windy days to keep dust at bay.
  • Fill crevices in your house to avoid hidden dust and debris.
  • Vacuum your floors regularly to maintain their cleanliness.

Easy Ways to Clean Your Floors

1. Remove Clutter to Enhance Vacuuming Efficiency

If you look around your house, you will notice that there is a lot of clutter that eats up a lot of space for no good reason.

Clutter compromises the cleanliness of your house in two main ways. It limits the maneuverability of your vacuum cleaner and conceals dirt, dust, and pet hair.

Once you have sorted out all the clutter from your kitchen, living room, bedroom, and elsewhere, your flexibility is enhanced and you start moving about with your vacuum without much hindrance. This means that you start using a small fraction of the time that you usually spend on such tasks.

The importance of removing clutter before vacuuming and cleaning a hardwood floor is great due to the risk of causing unwanted scratches and dents. In addition to this, the type of hard floor vacuum you choose and the kind of wood floor you have also plays a very important role.

2. Use Vinegar and Cornstarch to Clear Floor Stains

The appearance of stains on your floor can be disgusting particularly when they dry up without your notice. Coffee, ink, juice, and soup are some of the notorious stains that you must encounter at some point. If you notice such stains, just take a little vinegar and cornstarch and mix them so that you end up with a fine paste.

Use a towel or some piece of cloth to rub the paste around the stains with a bit of pressure. You should keep on rubbing the paste until you feel that you can no longer see the outlines of the stain. Wait for about 12 hours until the paste has dried up completely and use a powerful vacuum cleaner to suck up the mess until the floor is spotless.

3. Use Handheld Cordless Vacuums for Quick Cleaning

Quick and regular vacuuming of your floor saves you from the burden of having to conduct heavy duty cleaning all the time. Handheld cordless vacuums are the best tools for achieving this objective. These devices are small in size, lightweight, but very powerful in terms of suction.

The Black & Decker CHV1410L and the Dyson V6 Animal are good examples of quick cleaners. Using these machines regularly prevents the accumulation of dust and pet hair on your floors. You may also consider investing in robotic cleaners that are designed with intelligent features for scheduling regular vacuuming with your minimal input.

Another option is to take advantage of the all new and powerful backpack vacuums that are no longer just for commercial use.

4. Target your Pets’ Notorious Spots

Cat hiding under sheetsYou must have noticed that your cat or dog has a particular favorite spot on the floor where it spends most of its time.

Cats tend to curl up at some warm spot of the house whereas dogs prefer to relax at certain areas of strategic importance.

Such are the areas where most of the pet hair tends to accumulate.

Regular vacuuming of such areas will limit the menace of pet hair and cat litter from your floor quite significantly. You should also think of pet training as another crucial trick of keeping your floor clean. The training could entail conditioning your pet to keep to certain areas of the house where you would focus much of your vacuuming efforts.


These are just a few of the effective cleaning strategies mentioned by The Home Floor Experts. Keeping your floor clean should be as easy as adjusting a few aspects of your lifestyle. You do not have to designate some special day for strenuous cleaning, which is usually time consuming and disruptive to household harmony. Spending a few minutes on light cleaning tasks and reorganizing some bits of your life can be more effective and less demanding.